Squid game propensity test


1. I went to a casino by chance. would you gamble?

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2. On the way, the gangster chooses to fight with you. How will you respond?

오징어게임 무궁화꽃이피었습니다.

3. The opposite sex you just met sends a seductive gaze. would you accept it?

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4. I happened to pick up a large bundle of cash. Will you find the owner?

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아임겸 오픈채팅
아임겸 오픈채팅

5. I was working at the company and things got messed up by my mistake, There is no one around. What would you do?

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6. I am having a meal with several people and the atmosphere is somewhat chilly. How about you?

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7. Others make fun of you for your low income. How would you respond?

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8. Me and two of my colleagues are in trouble in the middle of the sea. There is only one life jacket. What would you do in this case?

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9. What if someone tells you a secret that they have committed a crime in the past?

Squid game

10. The house is out of order and is a mess. What would you do at that time?

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Squid game propensity test
Squid Game Are you? The type similar to me is "Sung Ki-hoon".

오징어게임 기훈 이정재

After living a difficult life after losing his job, Sung Ki-hoon came down to the bottom of his life with gambling and debt.

She is depressed due to difficult circumstances, and is a person who makes a living by making it difficult even for her elderly mother.

There are many cases where they make extremely selfish judgments swayed by the interests they see right in front of them, but that doesn't mean they are not evil to the core, and deep down in their hearts, they still have a good heart. It will act as a driving force.

He has a negative side, but he is an ordinary person, as if looking at ourselves.

He is the opposite of Jo Sang-woo, who is smart and has high self-confidence.
Squid Game Are you? The type similar to me is "Jo Sang-woo".

오징어게임 상우-박해수

He is an elite from a prestigious university who is very intelligent and has excellent speech skills. With a brilliant brain, he excels at finding solutions in many difficult situations.

However, there is a lack of humanity, and although he seems to help people who are in difficulty, even in the slightest way, in extreme situations, he betrays others and puts his own survival first.

That's why they end up committing murder.

However, at the last moment, he makes Sung Ki-hoon the winner and shows the aspect of regaining his humanity.

He is the opposite of Sung Ki-hoon, who has lost his confidence and has blurred judgment.
Squid Game Are you? The type similar to me is "Oh il nam".

오징어게임 일남-오영수

An old man who lives a limited life with a brain tumor, he is a bizarre person who enjoys playing the cruel squid game very much.

In fact, he was the organizer of the squid game, and he hid his identity and participated in the game for the thrill.

As a person who is extremely rich but has lost the joy of life, I felt the joy of watching people struggling in the game because of the opposite situation, people who were in a dire situation due to lack of money.

He has a cold gaze on humans, is very meticulous in his work, and has a brain that can masterfully manipulate others thanks to his numerous life experiences.

He is in a difficult situation and is the opposite of Kang Sae-byeok, who is young and lacks social experience.
Squid Game Are you? The type similar to me is "Hwang Jun-ho".

오징어게임 준호-위하준

A person with excellent brain and common sense, and also excellent physical ability. He is also very adaptable and handsome, making him literally the perfect man.

He has a strong sense of justice, but on the other hand, he also has the opposite side of being willing to kill if necessary.

He had strong belief in his older brother who gave him a kidney, and he jumped into the squid game and had strong action to find his brother's whereabouts.

However, as much as he had great faith, he experiences a tremendous sense of betrayal when he finds out that his older brother is the manager of the squid game.

She is the opposite of Han Mi-nyeo, who is familiar with crimes such as fraud and lies.
Squid Game Are you? The type similar to me is "Kang Sae-byeok".

오징어게임 새벽-정호연

He is a North Korean defector who lost all his family except his younger brother in the process of escaping from North Korea.

Because of the difficult circumstances, he has had a hard life, even being pickpocketed, and because of that, he doesn't trust anyone.

He is very harsh and harsh, and puts his own survival first.

However, as the squid game progresses, with the help of people around you, you gradually open your heart to others.

Similar to Sung Ki-hoon, he has lost trust in others in a difficult situation, but is a person who recovers a little bit of trust in humans by overcoming difficult situations.

He is the opposite of Il-nam Oh, a wealthy and experienced person.
Squid Game Are you? The type similar to me is "Jang Deok-soo".

오징어게임 덕수-허성태

He is a gangster and is a violent character. He has no remorse at all, and he thinks that as long as he likes himself, he doesn't care what other people do.

He is a very cruel person who tries to suppress his opponents with violence if necessary, and is not afraid to betray mercilessly.

I'm not used to competing with my brain, because I'm trying to use my strength when I'm in a hurry.

But he is quick to judge the situation and uses tricks well.

However, because of this tendency to betray others without hesitation, they experience both survival and destruction at the same time.

He is the opposite of Sung Ki-hoon, who has never lost his humanity deep in his heart.
Squid Game Are you? The type similar to me is "Ali Abdul".

오징어게임 알리-아누팜 트리파티

A very innocent and kind person. As a foreign worker from Pakistan, I take risks to save others, and I try to maintain good relationships with people I used to be close to even in difficult circumstances.

He has a delicate and beautiful heart and hates conflicts with those around him.

A very good-natured person who finds out that he has been betrayed in the second half and grieves before getting angry.

He is smart, speaks Korean fluently, and learns the rules of the game quickly. The opposite character is Jang Deok-soo, a gangster.
Squid Game Are you? The type similar to me is "Sung Ki-hoon".

오징어게임 미녀-김주령

He is a con artist with 5 criminal convictions, and he does everything he can to achieve his goal.

It has a fast brain and excellent situational judgment, and has excellent survivability, such as lying when necessary and clinging to strong characters.

But I'm not conscientious. If it is necessary for the purpose, he is not afraid to have sexual relations with the other person, and he does not hesitate to say and do abusive language.

When he is betrayed by Jang Deok-soo, he shows a heartless side of retaliating mercilessly.

He is the opposite of Hwang Jun-ho, who is a model student.

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